Sakunami Onsen Katakuri-no-Yado is located near the border of Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture. We focus on welcoming our guests based on our concept, which comes from “Hatsukoi (first love)” (the language of dogtooth violet flowers), so that we can appreciate what may be the only chance in a lifetime to serve them. Located in the middle of a mountain that shows different faces in different seasons, Katakuri-no-Yado provides guests with “Bijin Zukuri-no-Yu (beauty making hot spring)” that flows from its spring head. We have one in-room bath and open-air bath for both men and women. Hotel rooms are in the traditional size of eight tatami mats where guests can relax around the round table. For food, we serve Japanese style dishes on separate plates for each guest. Please enjoy our chef’s proud dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients. We are looking forward to serving you.

Please enjoy our silky hot spring that is also known as “Bijin Zukuri-no-Yu” that flows directly from its spring head.

Spring quality
Simple hot spring, hypotonic weak alkaline high temperature hot spring
Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, poor blood circulation, exhaustion, health improvement, etc…

Japanese style dinner and breakfast will be served on separate plates for each guest. They may not look flamboyant, but we cook them thoughtfully with ingredients in their best season.

  • Toal 27 rooms (you can choose Western or Japanese style rooms)

  • Large bath (one room bath and one open-air bath for each men and women)

  • Lounge (dinner/breakfast venue)

  • Stand (lobby)

  • Banquet Hall “Kiku-no-Ma” / “Ran-no-Ma”

  • Wellcome to Sendai!

  • Miyagi Video

  • Nikka Whiskey Factory

    (approximately 10 minutes by car)

    Clear streams flow in the great nature where Nikka Whiskey Factory is located, and the whole place looks as if it is a mountain village in Europe. Visitors can learn all processes involved in making whiskey and try tasting some of their whiskeys made at the factory for free.

  • Shijuuhachitaki

    (approximately 10 minutes by car)

    Long time ago, people referred to the beautiful and marvelous melodies weaved by waterfalls of all sizes as the birdcall of a Houou (Chinese phoenix), making the origin of the name “Houou Shijuuhachitaki”.

  • Jogi Nyorai

    (approximately 40 minutes by car)

    With the statue of Amida Nyorai, which was first transmitted from China and eventually enshrined by Taira no Sadayoshi, dedicated, Jogi Nyorai is frequently visited by many people every year. It has been popular among many visitors as “Jogi-san” for its divine benefits, such as making good relationships, having babies, and having safe births. There are restaurants and souvenir shops nearby where visitors can enjoy popular foods at Jogi Nyorai, such as “Sankakuage (triangular deep-fried beancurd)2 and “Yakidango (grilled dumplings)”.

  • Yamadera (Risshakuji Temple)

    (approximately an hour by car)

    Risshakuji, widely known as Yamadera, has long been recognized for cleansing bad will. It is designated as part of Zao Quasi-national Park, and it forms, along with Hiraizumi Chusonji, Moutsuji, and Matsushima Zuiganji, a pilgrimage course called “Shiji (four temples) Kairou (cloister)”.

Approximately 40 minutes on Route 48.

Get off at “Sakunami Onsen Motoki”, Sendai City Bus bus stop (located right next to Katakuri-no-Yado).

Approximately 40 minutes on Senzan Line “to Yamagata” or “to Sakunami”
Please get off at Sakunami Station.
*Please contact us for our pick-up service after arriving at Sakunami Station. (approximately 5 minutes by car to Katakuri-no-Yado)